Why You Should Think of Getting a Dash Cam

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Dashboard cameras are popular in Europe, but haven’t quite garnered popularity in the United States. Essentially, a GoPro camera for your dashboard, dash cams can be an important asset if you are ever in an accident.

Help with Insurance Claims

If you’ve ever experienced a fender bender, you know it can turn into a “he said, she said” very quickly. Having a dash cam can help when you file your insurance claims and help you to prove whether you are at fault. It can also help if there is a (more…)

How to Protect Your Tires From the Albuquerque Heat

How to Protect Your Tires From Albuquerque Heat
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Whether you’re new to Albuquerque or a long-time resident, you’re well aware of the heat that springs up several months out of the year. Albuquerque also gets 280 days of sunshine a year, which is more than almost anywhere else in the country. These two aspects are a recipe for disaster in regard to your car’s tires. However, by following a few simple tips, you can lessen the impact of Albuquerque heat on your tires.

Select the Proper Tires

Not all tires are created equal. In fact, tires are the cause of many problems in cars including wear and handling. That’s why it’s important to pick the perfect tire for you. Essentially, tires come with an AA, A,B, or C rating, which are measurements of a tire’s traction. This is important for heat as well, as the highest-rated tires, AA, also create less friction. Less friction means less heat on your tires, and therefore, they’ll last longer, especially during a heat wave. (more…)

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Tires

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Tires
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Tires are your only connection to the road while driving. As such, they should be revered with the level of respect and care of any item that your safety depends on. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates tire failure causes 11,000 car accidents a year with about 200 fatalities. With adequate care, many of these accidents are avoidable. Here are some telling signs showing it’s time to replace your tires to stay safe.

Tread Wear

The purpose of tire treads is to divert water so your wheels don’t hydroplane while driving, forcing you to lose control of your vehicle. When treads wear down to 1/16-inch (1.6mm) or below, they are deemed dangerous and illegal in the U.S. They must be replaced immediately. There are a few ways you can measure tread depth.

Penny Test

Insert a penny with Lincoln’s head first into the center tread. If the top of his head is still visible, it means the tread is too shallow and the tire must be replaced. If the hair on top of his head is partially visible, it’s time to start tire shopping. If you can only see his forehead, you’re in good shape. (more…)

How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro in Albuquerque, NM

How to wash your car like a pro
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Albuquerque’s comfortable high desert climate makes it attractive to humans all year round. However, the bright desert sun, dry desert air, and fine, sandy grit can take its toll on your car’s exterior. That’s why regular washings are a must if you want to keep your car in showroom shape. Here are some secrets from professional auto detailers to help you wash your car like a pro.

Time It Right

It’s a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon and you have some time on your hands—perfect time to wash the car, right? Not so fast. When you wash your car on a really hot day, the water evaporates too quickly, and you risk soap spots and a dull finish. During Albuquerque summers and Indian summers, it’s best to wash your car in the early morning or evening when you don’t have to fight the sun.  (more…)

Android Auto or Apple CarPlay: Which is Best For You?

Andriod Auto VS Apple CarPlay
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The major smartphone players are tempting motorists with their Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but which is best? We compare them side by side to help you select the right one for your needs.

The Look

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces largely mimic Android and iOS operating systems. If you have an Android tablet, you’ll warm to the Android Auto, while Apple CarPlay will feel intuitive for iPhone users. Auto organizes apps into folders, while you can access everything on CarPlay with one or two taps. Auto’s Google Now function, which displays weather information, notifications, and shortcuts to destinations based on past behavior is inspired, but its execution isn’t always flawless. (more…)

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Car Cool in Albuquerque This Summer

5 Tips To Keep Your Car Cool in Albuquerque
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Albuquerque has some of the best weather in the United States. Warm temperatures and low humidity make it a comfortable destination any time of year, but that doesn’t mean that your car will enjoy the New Mexico seasons. Summers see daytime highs around 90 degrees, and the interior of your car can get even hotter after sitting for a while. According to Stanford Medicine, the inside of your car will heat up by 40 degrees in just one hour — and that’s on average.

That means that parking your car for one hour in an Albuquerque summer can bring the interior temperature of your car to 130 degrees — hot enough to cook an egg. Instead of dealing with that type of heat, here are some things you can do to keep your car cool in Albuquerque this summer. (more…)

How to Fix a Broken Side View Mirror

How to Fix a Broken Side View Mirror
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Your vehicle’s side mirrors are an important part of its safety system. Unfortunately, side mirrors are one of the easiest parts to break on a car and one of the most noticeable. While a repair at a body shop will cost several hundred dollars, if not thousands for some newer, high-tech vehicles, this is a repair you might be able to complete yourself. It will depend on the damage and your vehicle.

Mirror Glass

If it is just your mirror glass that is broken, the repair will only take a couple of minutes. You just need a new piece of glass and a pair of heavy leather gloves. Then, follow these steps: (more…)

4 Picturesque Pit Stops in Albuquerque

Picturesque Pit Stops in Albuquerque
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The desert can capture your imagination with its breathtaking rock formations, subtle colors, and rich diversity of life. If your travels take you to Albuquerque, you’re in for a special treat as you experience the desert’s wonders. Here are four places that are worthy of a stop when you’re near Albuquerque.

Sandia Mountains

There is a multitude of hiking opportunities in the picturesque Sandia Mountains. Challenge yourself when you tackle the 11-mile Embudito Trail or the 10-mile South Crest Trail. There are easier trails, too, such as the Boundary Loop Trail, which is only four miles long and has a maximum elevation of fewer than 600 feet. Take in the beauty of the mountains by enjoying a ride on the Sandia Peak Tramway. The ride is 2.7 miles long and gives you a unique perspective on some of the scenery. It only takes about 25 minutes to drive from downtown Albuquerque to the tramway. (more…)

How To Keep Your Car Clean Longer

Keep Your Car Clean Longer
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There are few things more satisfying than standing back and admiring your freshly washed car — and few things more frustrating than discovering that an overnight rain has turned it back into a splotchy mess. Fortunately, you can save yourself some aggravation by practicing a few habits that will help that happy, clean feeling last a lot longer.

Less Washing, More Waxing

If you think car wax is all about shine, you’re missing the point. Waxes and other polymer-based sealants are specifically designed to protect your car’s finish from environmental elements like rain, salt, ultraviolet light, and all manner of grime. Wax your car regularly, and instead of cursing at the sky when your car wash is ruined by a sudden shower, just wipe the moisture off with a microfiber towel to restore the spotless shine. (more…)